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Text 1:
Benjamin Franklin Flies a Kite by Eduardo Mata

In 1752, Benjamin Franklin had a theory that lightning was electricity. He wanted to prove that the power could be transferred to other objects. He grabbed a kite and experimented on a stormy afternoon.

Franklin believed that thunder clouds contained electrical charges. His plan was to fly the kite into the clouds so that electricity passed down the wet kite string. With his son, William, as his assistant, he went to work.

First, he tied an iron key to the silk kite string. Next, he ran a metal wire from the key into a jar designed to store electrical charges. Once the kite was in the air, he stood in a barn to keep safe and dry.

Soon, electrical charges from the clouds passed into the kite. They traveled along the wet string, to the key, down the wire, and into the jar. When Franklin reached his hand toward the key, he received a mild shock. The electricity had been captured and transferred. The experiment was a success.

At least it was for Benjamin Franklin. Other scientists were killed trying to duplicate his efforts. Looking back, it was not the safest way to test his theory. In this case, it worked out, and paved the way for future discoveries about electricity.

Text 2:
A Shocking and Stormy Night by Prentice Newton
I saw a shocking thing last night that I can’t quite explain.
On the street outside my window, a man stood in the rain.
Twas strange to see him all alone on such a stormy night.
Who goes out in a thunderstorm and tries to fly a kite?
He tied a key around the string then looked up to the sky.
He showed no fear as thunder crashed then launched the kite up high.
I found the whole thing frightening from the safety of my room.
I watched each flash of lightning with a growing sense of doom.
Then a burst of light struck the kite. It glowed as if on fire.
The string lit up as if it were a red-hot piece of wire.
And in the midst of all of this my eyes beheld the key.
It danced upon the kite string as if filled with energy.
Down on the ground, quite safe and sound, the man was dancing, too.
The reason for his happiness? I have not got a clue.
Was he just pleased that he survived or was it something more?
My curiosity was sparked, but I’ll never know for sure.

Write two (or more) sentences discussing the similarities or differences in the setting, characters, and the plot of the first text vs the second text. Mention any specific changes that the author made in the poem from the nonfiction events
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He is 1752, had the theory that lightning was electricity and wanted to approve that power can be transferred to the objects as he grabbed a kite and experimented on a stormy afternoon.

Both the texts are somewhat motivating and tells us much about Benjamin franklin's experiments.

The second text is about the shocking stormy night by the prentice newton that says I can't explain the outside streets with thunderstorms. As the kite crashed and launched up high.


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