Who Rules?

compare and contrast. Use the information you gathered on your chart on page 1 to complete the
following graphic organizer with your analysis. Write your own for #6.
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Kenzingly 2 years ago
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1. Both have the people vote and have the people have an opinion
2. Oligarchy is usually a few people who are in charge vs Monarchy which is usually 1 person in charge of the government
3. Dictatorship is usually a position taken by force vs Monarchy which is usually obtaining a position of power through generations
4. They are the same because most likely the person that holds the position in power with have total control of the people
5. Autocracy is 1 person in power who takes little to no interest in what other people have to say vs democracy which is about everybody having a choice
6. Monarchy vs Autocracy (how are the different): monarchy is the ruling system where the authority lies in the hands of one or two individuals or a royal family. In an autocracy, the sole power and authority is in one person's hands and there are less or no legal or political restrictions

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