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Hello !

How can I prevent myself from Procrastinating ?

  • Well, you should be Organized you want to set a plan on something, about work or something else...
  • Always you've to eliminate Distractions, because if you get distraction on something you'll worry about the other thing you want to do then doing your stuffs you was looking for.
  • You need to set a Prioritize on about when you want to do something important, more then other things...
  • You need to set some Goals like maybe set some goals of a Timeline, maybe write your goals down what you're planning on what you do.
  • Set some deadlines on what you're really looking what you want too do... like, maybe to go a park... and maybe sit down and relax, and maybe like listen to chill/calm music, if you like...
  • Always rewarded yourself what you do. like maybe read book, sleep, medicate is also a good thing too. Or maybe just watch your favorite tv show.
  • And last, You should hold yourself accountable, like you should manage of your work/life tasks on your work conduct. So, that you can accept the outcomes/make right decision in the future.

Sorry, this took me long to answered this...

Hopefully This Helps! ~


Dollixna ~

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