Carol wants to know if she is ready to take the final test. Which text feature should she use?


Interactive quiz

Table of Contents​

im on this one too but i dont know

I think it is C.

Yup its C because it is the only one that makes sense. Plus Y would you go to table of contents or index or animation so Plss give BRAINLEST!!!! i worked so hard to figur it out

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ProfChris1 2 years ago
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The test feature that Carol can use to know if she is ready to take the final test is: Interactive Quiz.

What is interactive quiz?

Interactive quiz is known to be a type of material that helps a user answering questions to get a result of what they were looking for. The user gets the final result after interacting with the questions and it is gotten through calculations and classification of interactions.

We can see that this feature is good for students to prepare for their final test.

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mrdangdarn 2 years ago
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interactive quiz


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