1. The ship was sailing from (from where?) _______________________________ to Italy. 2. The captain was (how old?) _______________________________. 3. There were (how many?) _______________________________ people on board altogether. 4. The food and water were planned to last for (how long?) ______________________________. 5. The captain’s (what?) ____________________________ were carelessly dropped everywhere. 6. There was some medicine against (what?) _______________________________. 7. There were 20 (what?) _______________________________ in the purse. 8. The diary and calculations were (in what state?) _______________________________. 9. The captain’s journal was found on the (where?) ____________________________ of the ship. 10. One of the things missing from the ship was a (what?) ____________________________
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michell96 1 year ago
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To answer correctly these questions, first, read the text to understand the general topic and main idea, and then use scanning technique.

What does this task require?

This task requires you to identify very specific information from a text.

How to find the answer to each of the questions?

  • Read the text to identify the main idea, important details and the general organization of the text.
  • Read the first question and identify the type of information it requires.
  • Scan the text or look over the text without reading it completely to identify the answer.

Note: This question is incomplete because the text is missing; due to this, the answer is based on general knowledge.

Learn more about texts in: https://brainacademy.pro/question/25813601

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