Read the story then choose someone\'s side, and give evidence of why you think that person is right.

There was 2 girls, one named jane and one named june, june had just gave jane a t-shirt with a picture of them on the back when they first met and became best friends, june had just been saying how much she wanted to go to the Beatles concert so jane went to a salesman in school, and asked for the tickets that were SUPER rare to find, in exchange for the shirt june got her, she felt a bit bad, but she knew she would love the tickets, jane told june and she was mad. June said that it was something she made for her that took 2 weeks. Jane said she did it because she wanted to make her happy and she knew how much june wanted to go to the concert. Whos right??

A. June
B. Jane
C. Neither
D. Both
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Waffles98 2 years ago
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Option D


It states in the story that June only traded the shirt because she wanted to make Jane happy. They both make good points, but they both seem right, I understand why Jane would be mad, giving someone a gift that you made for your bestfriend and then your bestfriend giving it away! I also can see why June may be mad, she only did it so Jane can be happy, since she was talking about wanting to go A LOT, and since the tickets were very rare too find.

Option D claims that both are right, which I think they are. It might be option A though. But Option D makes more sense.

They should just apologize to each other and admit they are both right and have a hug.

Both had good intentions but were blinded by anger and sadness toward each-other.

I hope this helped! If you dont understand something or would like more of an explanation, feel free to contact me! :D

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tristanjackson44 2 years ago
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Well, both.


June gave Jane something in kindness. Jane knew June wanted to go to the concert so she gave up the gift to buy her the tickets. She also did this out of kindness.

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