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Some students are playing a game. they roll a number cube and spin the arrow on a spinner on each turn.

-The number cube has sides numbered 1 through 6.
-The spinner has 3 equal-sized sections colored red(r), yellow(y), and blue(b).

This tree diagram shows the sample space for the possible outcomes of rolling a number cube one time and then spinning the arrow on the spinner once.(I\'ll put the diagram on the bottom)

What is the probability that, on a student\'s turn, the number cube will land with an even number on the top face and the arrow on the spinner will stop on the blue(b) section?
A. 1/3
B. 3/6
C. 3/18
D. 9/16
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lotusjayden 1 year ago
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option c

Step-by-step explanation:

3/6probability of number cube lands on an even number

1/3 probability that it will land on the spinner

multiply 1/3 x 3/6 =3/18

let me know if i get it correct

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