Based on Equality 7-2521’s point of view, what are some things that this society considers to be \"evil\"? Check all that apply. Learning quickly being superior to others conforming struggling to learn.
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sahilnagarbiology 2 years ago
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In light of Equality 7-2521's perspective, a portion of the things which this general public views as "evil" are:

A. Advancing rapidly.

B. Being better than others.

What  Equality 7-2521  is about?

In view of the given passage, we can see that the author discusses how he and some others had the option to advance rapidly in light of the fact that they disapproved of the illustration as it was excessively simple.

He further notices that it was abhorrent to be better than others as even their educators disapproved of this and despite the fact that they attempted to fail to remember their illustrations, yet they recollected.

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