Cerina likes to make products while ensuring that accidents are kept to a minimum. Which career pathway would be the best fit for Cerina? Maintenance, Installation, and Repair Quality Assurance Logistics and Inventory Control Health, Safety, and Environmental Assurance.
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Cerina enjoys creating items while keeping accidents to a minimum. Cerina's work path would be most suited to health, safety, and environmental assurance.

What do the health, safety, and environmental career fetch?

Employees in the Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Assurance department make certain that:

In the workplace, the equipment is used safely.

Plan for safety in new manufacturing processes.

Conduct incident and hazard investigations in the areas of health, safety, and/or the environment.

Conduct incident and hazard inspections for health, safety, and/or the environment.

Implement programs, projects, policies, or procedures related to health, safety, and/or the environment.

Therefore, option (d) is the correct answer.

For more information about HSE assurance, refer below


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