Zubin drew a circle with right triangle PRQ inscribed in it, as shown below: The figure shows a circle with points P, Q, and R on it forming an inscribed triangle. Side PQ is a chord through the center, and angle R is a right angle. Arc QR measures 50 degrees. If the measure of arc QR is 50°, what is the measure of angle PQR?
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topeadeniran2 2 years ago
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The measure of angle PQR when Zubin drew a circle with right triangle will be 65°.

How to find the measure of the angle?

From the information given, when Zubin drew a circle with right triangle, arc QR measures 50 degrees.

Therefore, the measure of angle PQR will be:

= 180° - 90° - (1/2 × 50°)

= 180° - 90° - 25°

= 65°

In conclusion, the angle is 65°.

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andrewpattara 1 year ago
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The answer is indeed 65.

Step-by-step explanation:

It looks like there were answer options to this question.

I'll list them: (just in case anyone is lost):

A - 75

B - 50

C - 25

D - 65


But yes 65 is the correct answer. Submitted the test and got full points on this one.

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