1. Get 1 piece of bread.

2. Tear it up into small pieces and put them into a ziplock bag (sandwich size preferred). 3. Add water to the bread pieces and seal the bag.

4. Gently squeeze and smash the bag for 30 seconds.

5. Unzip a small corner of the bag and drain out the water but leave the bread pieces. 6. Put the bag of bread in the trash can for storage until someone empties it.

Explain how each step you completed with the sandwich bag represents a section of the digestive process. Label each as a mechanical or chemical digestion. 15 pts


Represents 2 pts ea Mechanical or Chemical? 1 pt each

Tearing bread into pieces

Adding water to bread

Squeezing bread

Draining out water

Storing bag of bread in garbage
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Piece of bread

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