Which of the following is equivalent to “the quotient of 30 and the difference of 12 and 6”?
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Option D,

Step-by-step explanation:

Step 1:  Determine the correct expression

So we know for sure that we will be doing 12 - 6 because we have the part where it says the difference of 12 and 6.  That leaves us with Options A and D.  Looking back at the statement we can see that the quotient of 30 and the rest which means that 30 would be the numerator and located at the top.  This gives us option D.

Answer: Option D,

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Step-by-step explanation:

We can immediately eliminate choices B and C because B shows "the difference of 6 and 12", not "of 12 and 6", and C shows "the quotient of 30 and 12 minus 6." 12 and 6 are not being subtracted properly.

30 is being stated before the difference of 12 and 6, so the difference will be the divisor, and 30 will be the dividend, therefore it will go in the numerator.

The only option that fits this criteria is D, so that is the answer.

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