Hi everyonse, general question. I want to present myself comfortably towards other people when I\'m messaging them, and I love to type with proper punctuation, but most kids my age thinks that makes me sound serious, or mad. Which is certainly not true, I just like to type like this. I find it beautiful.

However, I don\'t like to be judged by the way I type, so now I\'m thinking I\'ll start to type in all lowercases, that way, I sound less boring, more chill like the rest of the kids/teens.

So, what do you guys think about this? Please, let me know. ​
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justalesbianfreak 1 year ago
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Explanation: Ok, so im a teenager myself and i sometimes start with proper punctuation because its just what I do. You shouldnt care what people think its your decision, Just be yourself and explain to them that is how you like to type and if they jugde you or anything just ignore them you should never listen to others words. Dont ever change yourself for other people. It might make them happy but it wont make you happy for changing your self you know. So, just stick with what makes youu happy!

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