A species of small fish lives in a shady pond with a dark bottom. Some of these small fish are light
colored, and some are dark colored. A new predator is added to the pond, and one of its primary
food sources is the small fish. The table shows the percent of each color of fish in this population
before and after the predator was added.
Color of Fish Before New Predator After New Predator
Based on the data in the table, select the best phrase from the menus to complete each sentence.
have a better chance of
After the new predator is added to the pond, the
surviving than fish of the other color. This is because the predator

Answers in the boxes for the first it is “Light-colored fish” or “Dark-colored fish”

Second next Answer
1.Cannot see them as well as fish of the other color
2.Can move faster than this species of small fish
3.predicts where each color fish will be
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nvhunter338 1 year ago
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The correct answer for the first box is dark colored fish, and the correct answer for the second box is "Cannot see them as well as fish of the other color".


Hope I wasn't too late. Good luck and please reach out if you have any other questions :)

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