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Any _____ generates an electric field around itself. This electric field will apply a _____ on any charge in its field. These fields are often represented by electric ______. The diagram represents the electric field lines are two charges. These field lines go away from _____ charges and toward _____ charges. The direction of an electric field is defined as the direction a small positive test charge would move in the field. All charges create electric fields and are ______ by the electric field of other charges. Like charges ______ each other and unlike ______ charges each other.
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solomongift576 2 years ago
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I am going to answer the questions, according to the numbers of empty spaces to fill,1.electric charge,2.force,3.field lines,4.negatives,5.positive,6.affected,7.attract,8.repel.


if u read it filling in the spaces using this answers,u will understand

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