Which is the correct order in which to apply the repetition strategy? a. Write, read, say c. Say, read, write b. Read, write, say d. Write, say, read.
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sahilnagarbiology 2 years ago
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The correct order in which to apply the repetition strategy is  to read, write, say.

What is  repetition strategy?

While attempting to retain something, there are a wide range of strategies one might decide to utilize. Reiteration is quite possibly the most famous way.

At the point when we take a gander at the brief you gave, we see three stages read the data, compose the data, and say the data. These three stages assist you with encountering the data in a bigger number of ways than only one like assuming you were just perusing the data.

These three stages make them read, playing out the mechanical activity of composing, then hearing/tuning (in light of the fact that you'll hear yourself perusing).

Notwithstanding the redundancy, by enhancing your encounters with the material, you'll best have the memorable option what it is you try to recollect.

For more information about repetition sratergy, refer the following link:


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ilananathania 2 years ago
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Read Write Say - Option B


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