One sunny day a few years ago, I was out riding my road bike with my Aunt Natalia, a tri-athlete, and some of her training partners. We were riding in a single line at a fast pace on a country road with a nice wide shoulder. Every couple minutes the lead rider would pull to the side and drop to the back of the line. Slowly and inevitably, I was working my way from the back to the front of the speeding line of cyclists. When my turn came to take the front of the line, I didn\'t want to slow the pace and seem like a weakling. I dropped my head and concentrated on keeping my legs spinning fast. The effort on the front of the line seemed twice as hard as it had in the back. I knew I only needed to stay on the front for about a minute, but my legs felt drained immediately, and I began gasping in the humid air.Suddenly from behind I heard, \"Glass!\"I looked up and sure enough several broken bottles littered the road ahead. I stared helplessly as my tire headed for a sharp shiny shard of amber. I couldn\'t take my eyes from the danger ahead. I felt a slight bump and heard the horrible sound of air released from a high pressure tire. The next thing I knew I was in the grass off the shoulder of the road, legs tangled in the frame of my bike.That afternoon I learned a valuable lesson about bike riding and about life. No, I didn\'t learn to \"Look where you are going,\" though certainly that may have helped me that day if I had seen the glass soon enough. In fact, what I learned was something completely different than, \"Look where you are going.\"After Natalia had made sure that I wasn\'t hurt in any significant way, she asked me what had happened. I explained to her that when I looked up all I could see was the piece of bottle ahead of my tire.She stopped me there and said, \"Always remember, the bike goes where you are looking. If you could have looked beside the piece of glass, your tire would have missed it and you would still be riding.\"From that day forward I have lived by that advice: \"You go where you are looking.\" That advice has helped more in life than on the road, though certainly I haven\'t run over any more little pieces of glass with my bike. From that day, I have kept my focus on my goals rather than on those things that stand in my way.

Which ,begin emphasis,best,end emphasis, describes the purpose of the entire speech?Answer options with 4 persuade listeners not to share a sports story with inform listeners how tri-athletes reflect on a life lesson with listeners

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on this story you need to focus on the last sentcence while the story explores mutiple answers the story specficaly states "No, I didn't learn to "Look where you are going," though certainly that may have helped me that day if I had seen the glass soon enough. In fact, what I learned was something completely different than"  showing that while the story might of focused on one thing the idea was learning a life lesson and sharing it with others

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