Why do sea turtles rely on instincts more than mammals do?

Can someone put a answer 5th grader can understand

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zairec 2 years ago
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Mammals do not have instincts, so they must learn all their behaviors from their parents in order to survive.

Sea turtles must survive on their own, while mammals spend time with their parents and learn how to survive as they grow.

Sea turtles are less intelligent than mammals and, thus, cannot learn new behaviors from their parents.


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nikitarahangdaleVT 2 years ago
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Sea turtles rely on instincts more than mammals do, beacuse to get food for their survival.

What are instincts?

Insticts are the natural impulse or motivation which are present from the inborn time to perform some functions in order to react in some specific external stimuli.

Mammals do not react impulsively in any external conditions because they have members or friends from their famliy side, who will teach them how to behave or react. But turtles didn't have that special person, so they do work rely on instincts to get food or many other purposes.

Hence, to survive sea turtles rely on instincts more than mammals do.

To know more about insticts, visit the below link:


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