A right prism has a triangular base. The length of the base is 6 meters and the height of the base is 4 meters. The height of the prism is 4.5 meters.

What is the volume of the prism?

45 m³

54 m³

69 m³

108 m³
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Lanuel 2 years ago
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The volume of this right prism that has a triangular base is equal to 108 cubic meters.

The volume of a right prism.

Mathematically, the volume of a right prism is given by this formula:

V = L x W x H


  • L is the length.
  • W is the width.
  • H is the height.
  • V is the volume.

Given the following data:

Length of base = 6 meters.

Width of base = 4 meters. cm.

Height of prism = 4.5 meters.

Substituting the given parameters into the formula, we have;

V = 6 x 4 x 5

V = 108 cubic meters.

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