There was a lot of stuff that made me panicky, like suspension bridges, germs, airplanes, fireworks… a lot of the time i’d get that feeling like i was in the middle of a huge black ocean, or in deep space, but not in the fascinating way. how does the narration affect oskar’s credibility in this excerpt? his list of fears makes him seem mentally unstable. his tale of panic makes him seem extremely immature. his attempt at self-reflection makes him seem honest. his knowledge of science makes him seem intellectual.
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His attempt at self-reflection makes him seem honest.


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The narration affects Oskar's credibility in the passage from "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" since his attempt at self-reflection makes him seem honest.

What is narration?

We can define narration as the process or action of telling someone a story. The person who does it is called a narrator. In the passage we are analyzing here, the narrator is called Oskar, and he is showing a state of self-reflection.

Oskar explains that certain things - related to the attack on September 11 - make him panicky. He tries to honestly convey his feelings and sensations, which is why we can choose the third option as the correct answer.

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