Please help! -The volume inside a rectangular storage room is 2,052 cubic feet. The room is 9 feet high. Find the area of the floor.
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volume=Length x width x height

so area is Length x width, therefore you would just take 2,025 and divide by 9 to get 225 sq. ft for the area.

Step-by-step explanation:

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227 square feet

Step-by-step explanation:

The volume of a rectangular prism is given by the formula ...

V = Bh

where B is the area of the base, and h is the height.

Filling in the given information, we have ...

2043 ft³ = B·(9 ft)

Dividing by the coefficient of B gives its value:

B = (2043 ft³)/(9 ft) = 227 ft²

The area of the floor is 227 square feet.

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