Exodus 18:8
what things has the lord done to help us?​
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The father of Moses' wife was called Jethro. He was the priest for the Midian people. He heard about all the things that God had done for Moses and for the Israelites. He also heard how the Lord had brought Israel out of Egypt.

2 Moses had sent his wife, Zipporah, back to her home. He also sent his two sons with her. Jethro took care of them. 3 Moses older son was called Gershom. Moses said about him, ‘I have become a stranger in a foreign country.’ 4 The other son was called Eliezer. Moses said about him, ‘My ancestors' God gave me help. He saved me from Pharaoh, when Pharaoh wanted to kill me.’

5 Now Jethro came to visit Moses in the wilderness. He brought with him Moses' wife and two sons. The Israelites had put up their tents near the mountain of God. 6 Jethro had already sent a message to Moses. He said, ‘I am coming with your wife and her two sons to see you.’

7 So Moses went out to meet his wife's father. He bent down and he kissed Jethro. They said ‘hello’ and they spoke together. Then they went into Moses' tent. 8 Moses told Jethro about all the things that the Lord had done to help the Israelites. He told him what the Lord had done against Pharaoh and against the Egyptians. He told Jethro about the troubles that had happened to the Israelites during their journey. And Moses told him how the Lord had saved his people.

9 When Jethro heard what Moses said, he was very happy. He realized that the Lord had saved the Israelites from the power of the Egyptians.

10 Jethro said, ‘Praise the Lord! He has saved you from the power of the Egyptians and their king, Pharaoh. Yes! He has saved the Israelites from the powerful Egyptians. 11 Now I know that the Lord is greater than all other gods. He destroyed the proud Egyptians when they were cruel to his people.’

12 Then Jethro brought an animal to burn as a sacrifice to God. He also brought other sacrifices. Aaron came, with all the leaders of the Israelites. They ate a special meal together with Jethro, to worship God.

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