Which activity gives access to natural resources but might lead to problems such as sinkholes?

A. commercial agriculture
B. fracking
C. traditional hunting
D. open-pit mining

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1. D. fracking

2. A. algae

3. B. Pollution from the mines makes its way into water sources for Native American tribes and other people in the state.

4. C. during the Industrial Revolution

5. C. pollution of waters from open-pit mining

Unit 8 Lesson 8: Impact of Chemical Processes Quick Check

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Human activities such as fracking might lead to problems such as sinkholes

What are sinkholes?

Sinkholes are openings that form on the surface ofb the earth when water washes away the surface rock or soil layer exposing caverns that have formed within the earth.

Fracking involves using superheated water underground in order to drill natural gas and petroleum from underground.

Human activities such as fracking has been proven to increase the incidence of sinkholes.

Therefore, it can be concluded that fracking might lead to problems such as sinkholes.

Learn more about sinkholes at: https://brainacademy.pro/question/8007965

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