Which statement best descibes the overall message conveyed in this political cartoon? Climate change is something the Earth can predict. The future effects of global climate change could be devastating if we do not address it. Climate change will affect our weather patterns in the future. The future effects of global climate change will not be seen for hundreds of years.
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deebikamadhivanan 2 years ago
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The basic idea presented in this political cartoon is that if we do not handle global climate change, the consequences could be disastrous.

What happens if we don't address climate change?

Climate Change and Its Consequences are more frequent wildfires, prolonged drought periods in some locations, and an increase in the number, duration, and severity of tropical storms are all possible future implications of global climate change.

If we do nothing, heat waves will become more common and severe over the planet, harming hundreds of millions—if not billions—of people.

Therefore, option (b) or (ii) is the correct answer.

As the question seems to be incomplete with missing cartoon images, the possible answer is given. The political cartoon by Andy Singer is attached below for reference.

For more information about global climate change, refer below


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