Which phrase uses connotation to support King’s purpose of inspiring hope by showing the beauty of an equal society? \"\"with this faith\"\" \"\"a stone of hope\"\" \"\"symphony of brotherhood\"\" \"\"to struggle together\"\".
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The phase the king uses to inspire hope by showing the beauty of an equal society is C.) A symphony of brotherhood.

What is phrase?

A phrase is a gathering of words that express an idea and is utilized as a unit inside a sentence. Eight normal kinds of expressions are: thing, action word, "ing" word, infinitive, appositive, participial, prepositional, and outright.

Investigate our determination of expression models beneath. blissful family setting up camp by a stream.

A phrase is a typical word or expression with an allegorical, non-strict implying that is seen socially and contrasts based on what its composite words' meanings would propose; for example the words together have an implying that is not the same as the word reference meanings.

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C                     “symphony of brotherhood”


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