The area of this figure.
square meters
10 m
2 m
12 m
7 m
4 m
4 m

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pedroandninga 2 years ago
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I believe it is 106 Square meters

Step-by-step explanation:

Easiest way to find area for these kind of shapes is to break them into smaller rectangles, this specific one can be broken 3 ways...

Right: 4m long, 7m tall

Top: 10 long, 5 tall *(12-7)*

Left: 4m long, 7m tall

*To find incomplete ones, you find clues in other sides, for instance the whole side was 12, the broken part was 7, therefor you just subtract 7 from 12, giving you 5 for the top.*

Then you just multiply...

10x5= 50

Now, you have the area for three individual smaller rectangles. So you simply add them together to get the whole shapes area...


Therefor, your answer should be 106 square meters- if I'm not mistaken.

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mathstudent55 2 years ago
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Step-by-step explanation:

Here's one way of finding the area:

Find the area of the entire outer rectangle. Then subtract the area of the samlle rectangle in the bottom middle.

A = LW - lw

A = (10 m)(12 m) - (2 m)(7 m)

A = 120 m² - 14 m²

A = 106 m²

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