3. Strategy: Make Inferences (a) Specify two
inferences you made based on text evidence
while reading \"Everyday Use\" and the deeper
meaning suggested by each. (b) In what ways did
the inferences you made support your
understanding of the story?
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annyksl 2 years ago
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The question aims to analyze your reading and text comprehension skills. For that reason, I cannot create the inferences for you, but I will help you to stipulate them.

What are inferences?

  • They are conclusions.
  • These are data-based claims.
  • These are statements that can be proven.

To make inferences about "Everyday Use" you will need to read the book, interpret the information and draw conclusions about the characters, theme tones, and any other story elements.

You can search for articles that analyze this story and help you to draw more accurate and well-structured conclusions.

An example of inference that we can identify in "Everyday Use" is that resistance to racism requires a lot of sacrifices, which is not always disclosed.

More information about "Everyday Use" at the link:


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