Which fact, left out of this account, most clearly suggests that the account in
Evidence shows that the number of deer in our state parks has gotten
out of control. Our wise governor supported the law against hunting,
and now we\'re paying the price.
A. The New World deer include white-tailed deer, elk, and reindeer,
among other species.
B. The governor supported the law, but the law applies to private
land, not state parks.
c. The governor also supports laws that fight crime and lower taxes
for the middle class.
D. The number of deer in the state grew from 225,000 in 2020 to
almost 300,000 in 2021.
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adioabiola 2 years ago
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The fact which is left out of this account, and most likely suggests that the account is biased is; Choice C.

Statement of Facts

From the excerpt;

  • It follows that the account given in the passage is biased from the as it only indicates the negative impact of the law supported by the governor.

However, the governor also supports laws that fight crime and this statement of fact renders the account biased.

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