How did the artist of the above painting attempt to elevate the portrait to a higher status? a. By using classical and mythological themes b. By including more technical aspects c. By including linear perspective and vanishing point d. By adding a child to the painting.
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In the painting, the attempt to elevate the portrait to a higher status is done by the use of classical and mythological themes.

What are classical and mythological themes in painting?

Certain paintings were inspired by the mythological events that have been famous around the period in which such paintings are being made. Mythological themes have largely inspired paintings since a long time.

In fact, mythology-themed paintings have been able to create an art through which people have been better able to imagine and visualize the events that took place.

The above painting has also been able to use the similar stroke and classical themes along with the mythological arts to elevate the portrait of the art to a relatively higher status.

Hence, option A; the painting attempts to elevate the portrait to a higher status by using classical and mythological themes. An image of the paintings is attached herewith for reference.

Learn more about classical and mythological themes here:

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