How does Bird use paragraph 22 to refine his ideas?
A. Bird includes the paragraph to list his accomplishments.
B. Bird includes the paragraph to encourage his reader to embrace what makes them
C. Bird includes the paragraph to dissuade the reader from choosing a path similar to his
Bird includes the paragraph to prove that he was able to be successful in spite of the
adversity that he faced.
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jayilych4real 2 years ago
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A person can make use of different means in order to refine an idea and some of them includes:

  • To educate his readers.
  • To inform them about something.
  • To show them some entertainment.

What is Supporting Detail?

This refers to the use of evidence to show that that a claim is true and this is used to make sure that counterclaims can be easily refuted.

Please note that your question is incomplete so I gave you a general overview to help you get a better understanding of the concept.

Read more about supporting details here:

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