Police use the formula: v = √ 20 L to estimate the speed of a car, v , in miles per hour, based on the length, L , in feet, of its skid marks when suddenly braking on a dry, asphalt road. At the scene of an accident, a police officer measures a car\'s skid marks to be 109 feet long. Approximately how fast was the car traveling? Round your answer to the nearest tenth (one decimal place) of a unit.

Answer: The car was traveling at approximately ____________ miles per hour.
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sqdancefan 1 year ago
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  46.7 mph

Step-by-step explanation:

The speed can be found by substituting the measured skid length for the variable in the formula.

  v = √(20L)

  v = √(20×109) = √2180 ≈ 46.7

The car was traveling at approximately 46.7 miles per hour.

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