Explain how lack of responsible citizenship can lead to further cases of human rights violations within a community?
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In countries emerging from violence, official channels for defending justice and human rights, and resolving disputes can be slow, expensive and corrupt. Often, people are left to take justice into their own hands.

We support local activists to provide an alternative: monitoring and reporting human rights abuses at the onset of unrest so that widespread violence can be prevented.

They speak out against human rights abuses, secure the release of people wrongly arrested, and take action to stop local conflicts escalating.

This means the people they live and work amongst do not have to live in fear of a knock at the door. You can help more people live without fear.

In Pakistan…

We support local peacebuilders to stand up for women’s rights in an area where violence against women is endemic and their rights rarely acknowledged.

In Zimbabwe…

We support our partner to address a culture of violence by training traditional leaders and engaging the police in conflict.

In DR Congo…

In war-torn South Kivu, we support our partner to run a network of village-level courts that offer free access to justice for the local population.

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