A thin converging lens made of Crown glass (n = 1.517) is flat on one side and has a radius of curvature of +50 cm on the other side. An object is placed 45.0 cm to the left of this lens. Where is the image?
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hamzaahmeds 1 year ago
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This question involves the concepts of the thin lens formula and focal length.

The image "56.25 cm" from the lens.

Image Distance

The focal length of the lens is the half of the radius of curvature.


  • f = focal length = ?
  • R = radius of curvature = 50 cm


Now, according to the thin lens formula:


  • p = object distance = 45 cm
  • q = image distance = ?


q = 56.25 cm

Learn more about thin lens formula here:



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