The description in the passage with respect to globalization\'s effect on Indian culture is most similar to which of the following historical developments?

The influence of early human rights movements and the extension of citizenship rights to First Nations peoples in Canada following World War II
The effects of Enlightenment thinking on France following the abolition of privileges for the estates during the French Revolution
The effects of liberal reform on Russia following the emancipation of the serfs in the mid-19th century
The effects of the Catholic Emancipation laws in the United Kingdom in the early 19th century
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The effects of liberal reform in Russia after the emancipation of serfs in the mid-19th century

How has globalization affected India?

As a country with a strong class system formed by well-defined castes, globalization and the increase in economic and social interaction between nations, increased urbanization in the country, generating a reduction in the caste system through the rural exodus.

Therefore, globalization in India can be compared to the emancipation of serfs in Russia in that this phenomenon contributes to the reduction of a structured class system.

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