Describe the processes by which the organic molecules are assembled
and disassembled
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hydrolysis= disassembled and assembled=dehydration synthesis


Monomers are generally linked together through a process called dehydration synthesis, while polymers are disassembled through a process called hydrolysis. Both of these chemical reactions involve water. In dehydration synthesis, bonds are formed linking monomers together while losing water molecules.

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Monomers and polymers
Most large biological molecules are
polymers, long chains made up of repeating
molecular subunits, or building blocks, called
monomers. If you think of a monomer as
being like a bead, then you can think of a
polymer as being like a necklace, a series of
beads strung together.
Carbohydrates, nuclei acids, and proteins are
often found as long polymers in nature
Because of their polymeric nature and their
large (sometimes huge!) size, they are
classified as macromolecules, big (macro-)
molecules made through the joining of
smaller subunits. Lipids are not usually
polymers and are smaller than the other three,
so they are not considered macromolecules
by some sources 1,2. However, many other
sources use the term "macromolecule" more
loosely, as a general name for the four types of
large biological molecules3,4. This is just a
naming difference, so don't get too hung up
on it. Just remember that lipids are one of the
four main types of large biological molecules,

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