1. Los campeones de la liga de fútbol compiten en un concurso de belleza. True or False ?

2. En una competencia de fútbol participa un millón de equipos. True or False ?

3. Al final, el equipo que mete más goles gana. True or false ?

Si el tanteo es 2 a 2, resulta en un empate. True or false ?

Si el partido es fenomenal, los aficionados no aplauden y se ponen furiosos. True or false

Al final del partido, un presentador le da flores a la reina. True or false ?
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mangitodelbueno 2 years ago
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1. False (They're soccer champions, not models.)
2. False. (Normally, in WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, only teams that represent  countries participate, and there's not even more than 10 thousand countries, so I doubt there's actually one million teams that currently exist.)
3. True (Yes, the one that has the most points (goles) wins.
4. True (If both teams end up with the same score, it's a DRAW.)
5. False (Yes, football aficionados do applaud when there's an amazsing play or their favorite team wins.)
6. False (If this was true, then the queen would always be there to be given flowers.)


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