highlight the vague pronoun. despite the poor weather, they said today is going to be a good day
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In the given statement, “despite the poor weather, they said today is going to be a good day” the one that is the vague pronoun is “they.”

What is the meaning of a vague pronoun?

A pronoun must expressly refer to a single antecedent. When a pronoun makes an ambiguous connection to one or more sets of words, it is said to have a vague pronoun antecedent. Let's look at a grammatical advice on how to write without ambiguous antecedents.

Words like "it," "that," "this," and "which," as well as other ambiguous pronoun references, might make the reader unsure of what or to whom the pronoun refers.

A pronoun may be deemed ambiguous if it doesn't expressly refer to a particular subject or object in the sentence's antecedent. It might be confusing to employ demonstrative pronouns without a clear antecedent, as "it" or "them."

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