What are the factors of 2x2 3x – 54? Select two options. 2x – 9 2x – 6 2x 6 x – 6 x 6.
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ashishdwivedilVT 1 year ago
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The factors of expression are (x+6) and (2x-9).

The given expression is:

What is a factor?

A factor is a number that divides another number leaving no remainder.

We can rewrite the given expression as:

(middle term has been splitted)

Take 2 as common from first two terms while take -9 as common from last two terms.

Take (x+6) as common

So, we got the factors (x+6) and (2x-9)

Therefore, The factors of expression are (x+6) and (2x-9).

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