. In the sentence The stew simmered on the stove turned out to be delicious, the phrase simmered on the stove is ambiguous because it is missing certain function words. This grammatical structure is known as a ...
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michell96 1 year ago
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In this sentence, the word "simmered" can be classified as a reduced relative clause.

What is a reduced relative clause?

This refers to a clause that has been reduced, which means some words of it had been omitted, which can create an ambiguous meaning. The most common is this clauses do not include words such as:

  • that
  • which

Why is "simmered" a reduced relative clause?

Because the complete clause would be "the stew that simmered in the stove" but this has been reduced to "simmered in the stove".

Learn more about relative clause in: https://brainacademy.pro/question/766213

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