1. Before finding Shmuel in his house, Bruno had never noticed how thin Shmuel’s fingers were, like “dying twigs.” Why do Shmuel’s and Bruno’s hands look so different? ues evidence from the text to support your answer

2. why isn\'t Bruno afraid of Lieutenant Kotler at first? ues evidence from the text to support your answer
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Bruno, being the son of the Commandant of the Nazi army who is in control of the concentration camp that housed the Jewish prisoners, he is a healthy boy. On the other hand, Shmuel was sickly and thin, being a prisoner of the camp.

When Shmuel was taken int the house of the Commandant to help in the kitchen work. It was there that Bruno saw Shmuel for the first time outside of the fence. He had been taken "to polish the glasses [.... for] they needed someone  with tiny fingers". And once Shmuel held out his hand to show how "tiny" his fingers are, Bruno noticed how different their hands looked. His "appeared healthy and full of life" while "Shmuel's hand, however, told  a very different story".

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