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Mr. McElroy enjoys listening to his MP3 player, which has 2,000 songs in five different genres of music. He took a sample of the number of each type of song it played on two different one-hour sessions when it was set to play a random mix. The results are displayed in the table below. What is a good prediction for the number of rock songs Mr. McElroy has on his MP3 player?
A.) 225
B.) 550
C.) 1100
D.) 1667

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me0301207OI 2 years ago
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Step-by-step explanation:

By looking at the tables, both equal 20 when adding all values for each table. Now divide 2000 by 20, we would get 100. Take the 6 and multiply it by 100 giving us 600. Then do the same for the 5 and we have 600 and 500. Now we need to average them. Add both and we have 1100 and then divide it by 2 since we added 2 values and we would get 550. Hope this Helps!

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torresmiguel091307 2 years ago
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i think its


Step-by-step explanation:

yo need to subtract and divide

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