Fastest way to solve this? NOT LOOKING FOR THE ANSWER with logical explanation please about how to solve it.

A train is going 72km/h (20m/s)

it\'s passing a 500m long tunnel and it took 30s

how long is the train? (600m)

I made it complicated myself and calculated first when the head reaches exit and then the end reaching the exit

My friend wondered why not just take 30sx20m/s as in time x velocity. But wouldn't that be the distance the train drove?

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2023jsimpson 2 years ago
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Distance of Tunnel is 500 meters + Train travel rate is 20 meters per second = 25 seconds to pass through the tunnel only therefore the outstanding balance of 35 seconds x 20 meters per second =600 meters Train

Step-by-step explanation:

Total of length of train 600 meters and tunnel (500 meters) is 1,200 meters +30 seconds = TR of 20 meters per second

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