When the founders were trying to figure out how best to represent citizens in Congress, those from states with larger populations clashed with those from states with smaller populations. More populated states argued for representation based on population—meaning, they would have a louder voice in Congress. But states with smaller populations resisted this idea: Why should the more populated states get more power? They were in favor of an equal number of representatives per state so that they wouldn\'t get overshadowed. What to do? A two-chamber system, or \"bicameral legislature,\" was the compromise. The Senate has two senators from each state, regardless of the population of the state. The number of representatives in the House, on the other hand, is based on population size. This system ensures that the smaller states still have their voices heard, but that the people and their interests are fairly represented.

What is the purpose of the underlined sentence in this passage?

to show the point of view of states with smaller populations

to pose a question that the next sentence will answer

to provide a quote from one of the Founding Fathers

to support the claim that the Founding Fathers did not compromise
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The answer is

A. to show the point of view of states with smaller populations


According to the passage, "States with smaller populations resisted" the idea of representation based on population. The underlined sentence shows less populated states’ point of view on this matter: they didn’t want “the more populated states” to “get more power” than them.

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