For each of the following verbs, write the preterite form that corresponds to the indicated subject pronoun.
ir / ustedes
fueron or ustedes fueron
6. poder / yo:

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7. tener / yo:

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8. tener / tú:

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9. tener / él:

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10. estar / usted:

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The preterite form of the verbs presented according to the pronouns is pude, tuve, tuviste, tuvo, and estuvo.

What is the preterite form?

This is a tense used to describe past events in the Spanish language.

How to conjugate verbs in this form?

Most verbs follow the next pattern:

  • Yo corrí
  • Tu corriste/ Usted corrió
  • El/ella corrió
  • Ellos corrieron
  • Nosotros corrimos

However, there are some irregular verbs such as ser, estar, tener that can slighly change. For example:

  • Yo tuve
  • Tu tuviste/ Usted tuvo
  • El/ella tuvo
  • Ellos tuvieron
  • Nosotros tuvimos

Based on this, the correct verbs are:

  • Yo pude
  • Yo tuve
  • Tú tuviste
  • Él tuvo
  • Usted estuvo

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