If a deer eats grass, what percentage of energy will the deer acquire from the grass? 0. 1 percent 1 percent 10 percent 100 percent.
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saimaparvezVT 1 year ago
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The deer eats grass, the percentage of energy will the deer acquire from the grass will be dependent on the food chain then the accurate solution is 10 percent.

  1. In a food chain, the simplest 10 percent of the strength is transferred from one trophic stage to another.
  2. The grass is the manufacturer and the deer is the number one consumer, so, whilst the deer eats the grass, it acquires 10 percent of the entire strength of the grass. Rest strength is dissipated withinside the surroundings thru the metabolic tactics taking location withinside the grass.

What is the position of deer in the food chain?

The 2nd trophic stage includes organisms that consume the producers. These are known as number one purchasers or herbivores. Deer, turtles, and plenty of varieties of birds are herbivores. Secondary purchasers consume the herbivore.

Thus it is clear that 10 percent of energy will the deer acquire from the grass.

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